Matricaria chamomilla


We plant matricaria chamomilla in spring in the open field, and then harvesting in summer in full bloom. It is a demanding crop for the staff because it takes several working days to obtain a dry kilogram.

Its Latin name: Matricaria chamomilla Matri comes from the Latin “mother” who reminds that it has properties against women diseases.
It is named after the Greek “chamos” (grows close to the ground) and “melos” (apple) because its flowers have a fragrance reminiscent of apple.

Its traditional uses
Chamomile is known for its effectiveness against digestive disorders (abdominal pain, indigestion, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, spasms, etc.) and painful periods. Its infusion is soft and its natural virtues are widely recognized in the world.

Matricaria chamomilla in Manfolium herbal tea
With matricaria chamomilla, you find this typical apple taste of Normandy in herbal teas “Promenade au Mont Saint-Michel.”