Reine Mathilde


The “Reine Mathilde” herbal tea pays tribute to the wife of William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and King of England. Their union was refused by Pope Leo IX and accepted 10 years later by Pope Nicolas II provided that each spouse build an abbey. Thus, at Caen, Matilda founded the Abbaye aux Dames and Guillaume founded the Abbaye aux Hommes.

You will find in this infusion haunting flavor of roses, soft notes of hazelnut from the young shoots of spring wild mulberry, and the lemony taste of lemon balm. A warm break to share! This herbal tea can be drunken throughout the day.

Young shoots of spring wild organic mulberry bio, organic Damascus rose petals bio, organic lemon balm leaves


Organic Label Herbal AB labeled by the certification Ecocert

Individual tea bags kraft cardboard case composed of 18 individual bags. Filters are in natural fiber and unbleached. The bottom of the filter leaves to the leaves plenty of room to deploy and thus release their aromas.